Simpson History





Husband Aaron Simpson
  Birth 1/2/1759 Fairfax Co. VA
  Death 12/11/1832 Caswell Co. NC
  Note Fought in the Revolutionary War as a Private in a Virginia unit of the army.
  Father George Simpson (1729-11/18/1782)
  Mother Susannah Wheeler (1725->1783)
Marriage 5/25/1783 Fairfax Co. VA
Wife Charlotte Wisheart
  Birth 5/31/1763 Fairfax Co. VA
  Death 10/2/1846 Caswell Co. NC
  Father Henry Wisheart (c.1737-1/31/1776)
  Mother Ann Neale (c.1739-<1776)
  1 F Catherine "Kitty" Boswell (1786-1826) married John Boswell, brother of James (below)
  2 M Moses S. Simpson (3/7/1787-11/18/1818)
  3 M William Roger Simpson (11/3/1788-8/31/1870)
  4 M Haydon Simpson (9/10/1790-1838) married first cousin, Mary Ann Marshall
  5 F Penelope Graves (8/28/1793-1856) married Azariah Graves
  6 F Priscilla Emmaline Simpson (8/10/1795-4/16/1865)
  7 M Enoch Simpson (11/1/1797-1860) married Elizabeth Carter, Martha Jane Johnson
  8 F Susannah Simpson (7/12/1799-10/20/1805)
  9 M Bailey Simpson (10/15/1801-6/18/1803)
  10 F Nancy Boswell (7/28/1803-1836) married James Boswell
  11 M Joseph Simpson (4/7/1805-1865) married Susan Byrd Anderson