Simpson History



Husband Alexander Hamilton Simpson
Birth 11/11/1882 Milton (now Fulton) GA
Death 2/13/1974 Colquitt GA
Note Alex made a deathbed confession to the murder of Sheriff John Victor Dowis on 5/20/1923 to avenge the murder of his brothers, Joe and Orion. Vick was jailed and tried for the murders but was acquitted.
Father William Penn Simpson (3/11/1851-8/13/1919)
Mother Iva Nonnie Moon (1/15/1857-3/19/1918)
Marriage 9/2/1905 Etowah Co. AL
Wife Emma Jane Youngblood
Birth 10/4/1886 Gwinnett Co. GA
Death 10/22/1958 Bay Co. FL
Father Robert Anderson Youngblood (2/14/1848-12/28/1928)
Mother Mary Palmyra Haynie (12/22/1852-10/28/1909)
1 F Blanche Simpson (5/2/1906-2/20/1917) - died in hospital after appendix operation at age 10.
2 M Paul John Simpson (12/2/1908-3/18/1996) - murdered a man & spent less than a year in jail.
3 M Herbert Powell Simpson (11/14/1912-11/24/1963) - survived point blank shot in head from .45.
4 F Lila Laura Mitchell Hughes (12/26/1914-7/6/1937) - murdered in Houston, Texas.
5 M Weyman Penn Simpson (09/08/1920-4/6/2005)
6 F Nona Alice Pitts (03/20/1924-4/19/2008)
7 M Alexander Hamilton Simpson Jr. (12/15/1925-10/5/1992)
8 F Cora Janice Smith (10/05/1927-)