Simpson History





Husband Alexander T. Reid
  Birth 6/11/1755 Albemarle Co. VA
  Death 12/10/1851 Lawrence Co. IN
  Note In 1776, he served as a private and orderly sargent in Capt. Arbuckle's and Andrew Wallace's companies, the 12th Virginia Regiment. He participated in the battles of Germantown and Mommouth.  In 1779, he served again in Captain Andrew Wallace's Virginia company.  He was captured at the siege of Charleston, detained a month, made his escape and returned home.
  Father Thomas Reid Jr. (1716-<10/25/1765)
  Mother Elizabeth Lackey (1721-)
Marriage 1/22/1784 Greenbrier Co. VA (now WV)
Wife Rebecca Thomas
  Birth 12/21/1761 VA
  Death 10/21/1841 Lawrence Co. IN
  1 F Hannah L. Mitchell (1786-1881) m. Albert Wright Mitchell (1785-) in 1809
  2 F Sarah "Sallie" Breckenridge (1791-) married Preston Breckenridge
  3 F Jane Cox (1792-) m. John Cox (1788-1820)
  4 M Robert Reid (1794-) m. Susannah Fass (1796-)
  5 F Polly Moore (1795-) married John Moore (1791-)
  6 M Stephen Reid (1801-1827) married Mary "Sally" Dunn (1802-)
  7 F Anne Henderson (1803-1880)
  8 M Thomas Reid (11/12/1803-4/1/1864)
  9 M John Reid (1806-) married Nancy Benefield (1810-)