Simpson History





Husband John Hoge
  Birth c.1762 Cumberland Co. PA
  Death 1826 Knox Co. IN
Marriage 8/14/1783 in Cumberland Co. PA
Wife (1) Ann McConnell   (2) Ann Balch  
  Birth 1763 Cumberland Co. PA
  Death 1804 Logan Co. KY
  Father James McConnell (c.1715-1764)
  Mother Mary McGrath (c.1730-)
  1 F Mary Ann Curry (c.1784-8/19/1862) on 12/22/1808 married William Curry (-5/19/1849) in Knox Co. IN. Both are buried in the Ledgerwood Cemetery, Hadden Twp., Sullivan Co. IN.
  2 F Ann McClure (c.1792-1821) on 1/4/1810 married Andrew McClure in Knox Co. IN
  3 F Elizabeth Greenfield (1794-) on 8/30/1806 married James Greenfield in Logan Co. KY
  4 F Isabella Curry McClure (1796-5/1/1843) on 4/8/1813 married James Curry (-6/12/1828) and on 6/25/1840 married Samuel McClure.
  5 F Hetty J. Daugherty (1802-) on 1/25/1820 married John B. Daugherty
  6 M Samuel C. Hoge (1803-1/6/1873) on 3/10/1824 married Letitia Franklin Ashmore in Clark Co. IL