Simpson History





Husband General Francis Lucas Simpson
  Birth 6/6/1789 Fairfax Co. VA
  Death 7/22/1873 High Rock Plantation, Rockingham Co. NC
  Note Major General in NC Militia.
  Father Moses Simpson (4/20/1748-1844)
  Mother Mary Lucas (11/9/1751-1841)
Marriage 12/16/1815 Caswell Co. NC
Wife Priscilla Emmaline Simpson
  Birth 8/10/1795 Fairfax Co. VA
  Death 4/16/1865 High Rock Plantation, Rockingham Co. NC
  Father Aaron Simpson (1/2/1759-12/11/1832)
  Mother Charlotte Wisehart (5/31/1763-10/2/1846)
  1 F Mary Herbin (10/3/1816-7/1894) married Robert Herbin (c.1810-)
  2 M Nathaniel Henry Simpson (1818-) About 1849, Nathaniel went west and never returned. According to tradition, he was wrongfully accused by one Ludwick Summers of abducting or otherwise assisting a slave to escape.
  3 M Sanford Monroe Simpson (10/9/1820-4/22/1870) married Mary A. Watlington (8/15/1824-11/10/1878) on 3/28/1844 in Caswell Co. NC
  4 F Elizabeth Simpson (8/6/1828-2/25/1899)
  5 F Jane Watlington (6/24/1832-12/24/1880)
  6 F Priscilla Emmaline Rich (5/22/1834-1/25/1917) married Joseph Henry Rich (12/19/1830-3/16/1890)
  7 M Joseph Hawkins Simpson (2/4/1838-2/4/1893)