Simpson History





Husband James Clarence Speaks Jr.
  Birth 6/27/1877 Shreveport LA
  Death 3/19/1934 Dallas TX
  Note James worked on the railroad and was run over by a train. His body was found at the junction of the Texas & Pacific and Missouri-Kansas-Texas Railroad tracks, in the Union Terminal yards, near the foot of Elm Street.
  Father James Clarence Speaks Sr. (1842-1/7/1909)
  Mother Elizabeth Mollie Walsh (1844-1898)
Marriage 7/30/1901 Dallas TX
Wife Willie Glenn Turner
  Birth 2/6/1883 Terrell, Kaufman Co. TX
  Death 1/21/1958 Dallas TX
  Father John Mitchell Turner (10/1834-6/15/1906)
  Mother Mary Malissa Clark (1863-1937)
  1 F Jimmie Willie Speaks (3/31/1903-5/12/1939)
  2 F Inez Speaks (1905-1912)
  3 M Patrick E. Speaks (2/28/1908-11/22/1978) married Lessie Wilma Atchley (2/5/1916-7/28/1977) in 1939
  4 F Mary Bell Weld (1909-8/29/1996) married William Whitley Weld (1908-1984)
  5 M Mike Speaks (11/25/1911-11/12/1912)
  6 F Catherine Speaks (1912-1912)
  7 F Mildred Irene Ady (7/31/1915-8/22/1987) married Odis Ady in 1933, they later changed their last name to Avery
  8 M James Clarence "Jake" Speaks III (8/31/1919-10/31/1979) married Caroline Clark
  9 M Paul Speaks (1922-1922)
  10 F Rita Mae Mayhew (9/14/1923-4/22/1994) married Everett Nelson Mayhew (4/17/1913-9/22/1990) on 8/23/1942