Simpson History





Husband Joseph Bolton
  Birth 10/3/1796 Laurens Co. SC
  Death >1870 Pinckneyville, Gwinnett Co. GA
  Father Matthew Madison Bolton (4/22/1774or9-c.1840)
  Mother Jane Ray Wright (1/9/1774or9-1838)
Wife Priscilla South
  Birth c.1803
  Father Benjamin South Jr. (1747-10/20/1809)
  Mother Anna (1754-)
  1 M William Anderson Bolton (1824-1/16/1845)
  2 M James Franklin Bolton (6/17/1826-1862)
  3 F Mary Emeline Bolton (1828-)
  4 F Martha Ann Bolton (1831-)
  5 M Andrew Marshall Bolton (1833-) married Frances Langley and served in Confederacy from Gwinnett Co. A, 42nd Infantry. Captured at Vicksburg, Mississippi 7/4/1863 and paroled 2 days later. Roll dated 12/10/1863 shows him present with no later records.
  6 M Robert Bearton Dickson Bolton (1836-2/28/1913) in 1836 married Mary McCarr, Confederate veteran, Co. H, 16th GA "Flint Hill Greys"
  7 M Joseph Milton Bolton (1838-) died in infancy
  8 M Joseph Newton Bolton (1840-)
  9 M David Sylvester Bolton (2/19/1843-11/13/1902)
  10 M Benjamin Bradford Bolton (1847-<1910)