Simpson History





Husband Joshuaway Lafayette Mitchell
  Birth 10/28/1866 Walton Co. GA
  Death 9/1/1906
  Note Joshua built the highest wooden train trestle bridge in the US in 1904, with a height of 115 feet and a span of 720 feet. The bridge burned down 100 years later due to careless use of fireworks. See the pictures in the "Notes" section, the bridge is spectacular and the picture of it on fire is even more spectacular.
  Father Wilson Lumpkin Mitchell (c.1820-8/5/1877)
  Mother Rachel Catherine Moon (3/20/1837-1/29/1907)
Marriage 12/11/1887 Walton Co. GA
Wife Nettie Adaline Long
  Birth 8/30/1871 Norcross, Gwinnett Co. GA
  Death 8/30/1952
  Father Richard A. Long (10/1831-5/13/1879)
  Mother Josephine Elizabeth Moon (4/29/1844-3/17/1910)
  1 M Jesse James Mitchell (9/1/1889-)
  2 M Frank Mitchell (1892-)
  3 M Parnell Mitchell (c.1894-10/20/1973)
  4 M Seth Mitchell (1896-)
  5 M Ollie Mitchell (1898-)
  6 F Rusbie "Ruby" Mitchell (1900-)
  7 F Pauline Mitchell
  8 M Joshuaway Lafayette Mitchell Jr. (3/7/1902-2/1/1906) - died from a fall on the Bessie Palos mine train trestle