Simpson History





Husband Dr. Lancelot Johnston
  Birth 1748 Ardess in County Fermanagh, Ireland
  Death 9/19/1832 Caswell Co. NC
  Note Came to America at the port of Charleston, SC with his brother David Johnston on 9/13/1769. A third brother may have arrived at the same time or earlier, who was reported to be William. Served as a Doctor and Surgeon during the Revolutionary War.
  Father James Johnston (-8/15/1774)
  Mother Grace O'Donnell (-8/31/1775)
Marriage 1/17/1774 in Caswell Co. NC
Wife Zeruiah Rice
  Birth 1752 Hanover Co. VA
  Death 11/24/1838 Caswell Co. NC
  Father Thomas Rice (1725-1800)
  Mother Jane Mills (<1727-1764)
  1 M Thomas Johnston (7/6/1777-1846)
  2 M John Johnston (12/12/1778-1/4/1860)
  3 F Mary Polly Johnston (9/1/1780-10/8/1864)
  4 F Jane Slade (8/8/1782-1/12/1863)
  5 M Dr. William Johnston (3/15/1784-12/6/1856)
  6 F Zilphar Yancey (1/22/1786-1843) married James Yancey
  7 F Mildred Harrison (2/28/1788-) married Thomas H. Harrison in 1807
  8 M Lancelot Johnston Jr. (3/29/1790-5/7/1866)
  9 M Dr. David Johnston (1/14/1792-6/1866)
  10 F Elizabeth Jones (1/24/1794-7/28/1848)