Simpson History





Husband Capt. Lawrence Washington
  Birth 9/1659 Bridges Creek, Westmoreland Co. VA
  Death 3/30/1699 Warner Hall, Gloucester Co. VA
  Note Captain, High Sheriff of Virginia, Member of House of Burgeses, Grandfather of President George Washington
  Father John Washington (2/1632-9/16/1677)
  Mother Anne Pope (12/1/1635-1668)
Marriage 1/1/1690 Warner Hall, Gloucester Co. VA
Wife Mildred Warner
  Birth c.1671 Gloucester Co. VA
  Death 1/30/1701 Whitehaven, Cumberland, England
  Father Col. Augustine Warner II (6/3/1642-6/19/1681)
  Mother Mildred Reade (10/2/1643-10/6/1686)
  1 M John Augustine Washington (11/12/1692-9/1/1746)
  2 M Capt. Augustine "Gus" Washington Sr. (1694-4/12/1743)
  3 F Mildred Willis (1696-9/5/1747)
  4 F Mary Hart (1703-1770)