Simpson History





Husband (2) George Rodney Hughes   (1) Lee Mitchell
  Birth 2/16/1906 Pottawatomie OK
  Death 8/29/1989 Houston TX as a result of accidental fire
  Father James "Jim" Hughes
  Mother N. Mina Foster Montgomery (3/15/1889-5/28/1963)
Marriage 1937 Houston TX
Wife (1) Lila Laura Simpson   (2) Ruth Jane Alexander
  Birth 12/26/1914 Gwinnett Co. GA
  Death 7/6/1937 Houston TX
  Note Lila was married first to Lee Mitchell on 4/5/1934 in Anderson, SC. She was murdered at a restaurant/bar she owned with her 2nd husband, by a hispanic man who said she reminded him of his deceased wife. He immediately committed suicide.
  Father Alexander Hamilton Simpson (11/11/1882-2/13/1974)
  Mother Emma Jane Youngblood (10/4/1886-10/22/1958)