Simpson History





Husband Tobias Gibson
  Birth 10/27/1800 Vicksburg, MS
  Death 2/6/1872 Terrebonne Parish, LA
  Father Randall Gibson (9/17/1766-4/13/1836)
  Mother Harriet McKinley (6/27/1771-10/6/1837)
Marriage 6/14/1827 Lexington KY
Wife Louisiana Breckinridge Hart
  Birth 12/3/1803 KY
  Death 2/20/1851 Havana, Cuba
  Note Louisiana Breckinridge Hart was named to commemorate the role of Senator John Breckinridge in the Louisiana Purchase, which was completed in the same year as her birth. Louisiana went to Cuba for her health and died there of tuberculosis.
  Father Nathaniel Hart (9/30/1770-2/7/1844)
  Mother Susanna Preston (10/7/1772-6/21/1833)
  1 F Susannah Hart Gibson (5/17/1828-1/20/1830)
  2 F Sarah Thompson Humphreys (5/17/1830-5/31/1907)
  3 M General Randall Lee Gibson (9/10/1832-12/15/1892)
  4 M William Preston Gibson (10/16/1833-)
  5 M Nathaniel Hart Gibson (5/22/1835-1/3/1904)
  6 M Claudius Gibson (2/5/1837-)
  7 M Tobias Gibson (8/6/1838-)
  8 M John McKinley Gibson (10/3/1840-4/5/1880)
  9 M Robert Breckinridge Gibson (2/6/1845-)
  10 F Louisiana Hart Gibson (1/28/1848-)