Simpson History





Husband Jeremiah Nix
  Birth c.1790
  Death 12/25/1857
  Note Jeremiah served in the war of 1812 in Captain William H. Underwoods Co., Georgia Militia.
Marriage 10/25/1810 Elbert Co. GA
Wife Frances Lousia Webb
  Birth c.1795 GA
  Death 9/6/1880
  Father Austin Webb (2/14/1757-7/31/1839)
  Mother Ailsey Waters (1768-1849)
  1 F Mary Polly White (2/24/1812-) married James T. White
  2 M Harrison Nix (1814-) married Cathrine Ford on 9/6/1837 in GA
  3 M Austin Nix (1820-) married Lucinda Wall c.1843
  4 F Alcey Mclung (1822-) married H. J. Mclung
  5 M John Nix (1824-) married Mary Mcelroy in 1849 in GA
  6 F Cathrine Mcelroy (1830-) married James Henry Mcelroy
  7 M William Jasper Nix (1/11/1833-) married Margie P. Henderson, then Mary Craven (1830-)
  8 M Jeremiah Jackson Nix (1839-2/27/1914) married Winfred S. Hunt
  9 M Wiley Anderson Nix (2/14/1840-) married Martha Sue Ingram