Simpson History





Husband Zaccheus Tate
  Birth 1742 Hanover VA
  Death 1798
  Note Zaccheus and Lydia lived on the Orange and Guilford County line.  He was given a grist mill and 67 acres on the north bank of the New River in 1770 by Richard Simpson, his father-in-law.  During the Revolutionary War, Zaccheus served under Capt. Nathaniel Hart, NC troops.
  Father John Tate (1687-)
  Mother Mary Waddy (1715->1769)
Wife Lydia Simpson
  Birth 1745
  Death 1798
  Father Capt. Richard "Dick" Simpson (1/9/1723-1785)
  Mother Mary Kincheloe (1719-1798)
  1 M John Tate (1765-)
  2 F Naomi Tracy (1767-1795) married Micajah Tracy
  3 F Sarah "Sally" Spruce (1769-) married Quinton Spruce
  4 M Simpson Tate (1771-1804) married Catherine Lewis
  5 F Jean Bracken (1773-1809) married George R. Smith, Mr. Bracken
  6 M Zaccheus Tate Jr. (1775-)
  7 F Valentine Tate (1777-)
8 F Lydia Brown (1780-) married John Brown
  9 F Udoxie Fielder (1782-) married Samuel Fielder
  10 M Uriah Tate (1784-)
  11 M Zephaniah Tate (1785-1816) married Hannah Street
  12 M Uzziah Tate (1787-)
  13 M Zenas Tate (1789-)