Simpson History





Husband Robert Marshall Jr.
  Birth c.1760 VA
  Death c.1814 Fayette Co. KY
  Father Robert Marshall Sr. (-c.1801)
Marriage Fairfax Co. VA
Wife Mary Ann Simpson
  Birth 1767 Fairfax VA
  Death 1825 Fayette KY
  Father George Simpson (1729-11/18/1782)
  Mother Susannah Wheeler (1725->1783)
  1 F Elizabeth Hill (1785-1814)
  2 F Nancy Oldham
  3 F Malinda Hill (-1820) married her brother-in-law, John P. Hill after the death of her sister
  4 F Margaret Muir married Esley Muir
  5 F America Anderson married Joseph Anderson
  6 F Dorinda Muir married Horatio Muir
  7 F Cynthia King married John W. King
  8 F Susannah Burton (1790-) married Williamson Burton
  9 F Mary Ann Simpson (1792-)
  10 M Robert Marshall (1800-) married Elizabeth Evans
  11 F Calista Finnell LeForce (1808-) married Benjamin Quinn Finnell, William R. LeForce