Simpson History





Husband Waddy Tate
  Birth 1741 Hanover Co. VA
  Death 1789 Caswell Co. VA
  Note Waddy served under Captain Hart during the Revolutionary War and was appointed Captain of the militia in 1776. He left a will Dated 1/14/1789 in Caswell Co. NC. In 1795, the legatees of Waddy Divided 333.5 acres. In 1797, the 3 youngest children were named in The estate of their mother.
  Father John Tate (1687-1769)
  Mother Mary Waddy (1715->1785)
Marriage 1768
Wife Nancy Ann Simpson
  Birth 1750
  Death 7/16/1789 Fairfax Co. VA
  Father Capt. Richard "Dick" Simpson (1/9/1723-1785)
  Mother Mary Kincheloe (1719-1798)
  1 F Upham "Fannie" Carlisle (1770-) married Simeon Carlisle
  2 F Susannah Gibson (1772-10/20/1795) married Benjamin Gibson
  3 M William Tate (1774-9/1857)
  4 M Richard Tate (12/9/1776-)
  5 M Zachariah Tate (1778-) married Rebecca Williamson
  6 F Ede Poston (10/13/1779-1/29/1803) married William Poston
  7 M Zedekiah Tate (1782-) married Ellen Jones, Zadia Hunt
  8 M Jesse Felix Tate (1784-)