Simpson History





William B. Buchanon / Major John Reid

Nine letters between the Reid and Simpson families

written between 1816 and 1847
Contributed by Ralph Simpson

2) John B. Reid to his father, Major John Reid (3/3/1816)

Outside envelope:     Majr. John Reid


                               N. Carolina

Madison County - March 3rd 1816

Dear Father,

                        I now write you agreeable to my promise by uncle, who sets off for N.C. on Tuesday morning next. My state of health continues as much as usual if any thing some better than it has been. I have not commenced going to school yet nor I do not expect to commence untill uncle returns in April next when I wish you to give him full instructions how I shall proceed & allso write me on the subject. I am well aware that my situation at present will not admit of my studying any thing for to tell the truth I have something like a consumption & of course I must take very good of myself & this summer I wish to ride over the country take a view of it & visit my relations &c. which I think will increase my health as much as I can any how else. - My cough is much worse at night when I lie down than any other time - in the day it does not pester me any of account - I have as good an appetite to eat as ever I had & eats as hearty but still I keep poor & appear to fall away at - times I have a very severe pain over my eyes. -

                        The next thing is I shall also want to know by uncle how I am to get a horse & when you wish me to return to N.C. - my informing you that I expected not to go to school any more this spring. I hope will not keep you from sending me the sum of money you promised in your letter of the 19th Janr. as I shall have need of money in several cases & I owe Majr. Grugett for board & Mr. Whitting for tuition & a person from home has use for money in a great many instances more than if he was at home. - But I am in hopes that after a while I shall be able to commence school again as I am very desirious of finishing Euclids Elements the study in which I was engaged in - & I also wish to study Geography. - On the early & proper education of youth & friends in a great measure not only their own happiness but that of their parents their friends and posterity. If they be enlightened by true & useful science there is reason to hope they will be seen in after life acting the dignified part of wisdom & virtue & thereby rendering themselves ornaments to society and a blessing to the world. But the opposite effects are certainly to be apprehended from an opposite source.-

                        As to our next president from different accounts it appears as public opinion is various - the following gentlemen are named - James Monroe of Va., Wm H. Crawford of Geor., Gov. Tompkins of N.York, De Witt Clinton of Io.? and John Q. Adams of Mass. but I think Monroe will be elected. - James Reid (son of John Reid of this county) was married to Polly Reid (daughter of uncle Alex.) on Tuesday evening last & next day I was invited to his fathers where I was treated as kindly as ever I was in my life. - Duke Wm son is now living with uncle & likes our uncle is to give him $60 per term. He is very well at present & I think doing very well. Uncles family are all well & he can tell you more that I can write. Give my respects to all friends & relations & also the family & believe me ever to be yr. affectionate Son.


  From the John Reid Papers #3882
  Southern Historical Collection, Wilson Library
  University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

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2) John B. Reid to his father, Major John Reid (3/3/1816)

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