Simpson History





Husband Samuel Offutt
  Birth 10/2/1751 Prince Georges Co. MD
  Death 1/25/1827 Jessamine Co. KY
  Father William Offutt Jr. (2/14/1729-9/1786)
  Mother Elizabeth Jackson Magruder (11/8/1730-1/13/1812)
Marriage 10/22/1778 Montgomery Co. MD
Wife Elizabeth Ray
  Birth c.1761
  Death 2/21/1831 Jessamine Co. KY
  1 F Eleanor Proctor (c.1780-<10/1825) married John Proctor on 7/2/1804 in Fayette Co. KY.
  2 F Arah Offutt (1782->1825) married James Offutt (c.1783-2/12/1856) on 12/24/1804 in Fayette Co. KY.
  3 M Tilghman Offutt (8/3/1786-3/28/1862) married Susannah Falconer (c.1786-1873) on 9/8/1806 in Lexington, Fayette Co. KY.
  4 M Otho Offutt (1788-8/16/1842) married first cousin Agatha Offutt (1804-8/19/1824) on 11/2/1819.
  5 M Denton Offutt (c.1790-c.1860) Denton hired Abraham Lincoln to work in his store, read the story here.
  6 M Samuel Ray Offutt (1798-11/27/1865) married Elizabeth Hayes (c.1804-12/23/1846) about 1825.
  7 M Andrew Offutt (1799-)
  8 M Reason Ray "Rezin" Offutt (9/3/1800-1886)
  9 M Azra Nathaniel Offutt (1802-10/26/1831) married Antonette Caroline Hale (-7/19/1829) in 4/1828 at Woodford Co. KY.
  10 F Sarah Thompson (1807-) married Pittman Thompson (1784-) in 1/1822.
  11 M Zedekiah? Offutt