Simpson History





Husband David Burton Sr.
  Birth c.1760 NC
  Death >1824
  Father Samuel Burton (12/25/1719-) Samuel and Susannah are the likely parents of David, but this is not confirmed
  Mother Susannah
Marriage 2/7/1780 Caswell Co. NC
Wife Susannah Simpson
  Birth 1742 Richmond Co. VA
  Death 1798
  Father Capt. Richard "Dick" Simpson (1/9/1723-1785)
  Mother Mary Kincheloe (1719-1798)
  1 F China Moore married John Moore on 3/24/1803 in Madison Co. KY
  2 F Mary Bratton Oldham
  3 M Zera Stephen Burton (1781-)
  4 M David Burton Jr. (c.1787-8/17/1861)
  5 M John Kincheloe Burton (c.1789-c.1862)