Simpson History





Husband (2) Wilson Lumpkin Mitchell   (1) Thomas L. Moon  
  Birth c.1820 GA
  Death 8/5/1877
  Note Wilson is the brother of Susanah Matilda Mitchell, wife of William Randolph Simpson. In the 1850 census, Wilson was listed as the owner of an 8 year old male slave.
  Father Thomas Hardaway Mitchell (8/28/1793-5/27/1853)
  Mother Ruth S. Tillery (3/23/1797-8/12/1874)
Marriage 12/6/1865 Walton Co. GA
Wife (2) Rachel Catherine Moon   (1) Mary A. ?  
  Birth 3/20/1837 Walton Co. GA
  Death 1/29/1907 Pittman GA
  Father Joseph P. Moon (10/16/1796-5/30/1893)
  Mother Martha Jones (8/12/1812-2/22/1871)
  1 M Joshuaway Lafayette Mitchell (10/28/1866-9/1/1906) married 1st cousin Nettie A. Long, daughter of Josephine Moon & R. A. Long
  2 M James Robert Mitchell (4/16/1869-2/2/1950)
  3 F Mattie Bell Martin (c.1872-) married Alexander Martin in 1895 and have 2 children
  4 F Susan B. Gill (c.1874-) married Alexander M. Gill in 1895 and have 2 children
  5 M Frederick Mitchell (2/3/1877-8/5/1958) married Candy Stephens in 1901 and have 2 children
  6 ? Mitchell