Simpson History



Husband Col. Richard "Duke" Simpson
  Birth 3/3/1770 Caswell Co. NC
  Death 7/24/1853 Missouri
  Note Duke fought in the war of 1812. He moved his family to Independence MO in 1831. Duke, along with his son George, and son-in-law James M. Hunter, were ringleaders in the persecution and expulsion of the Mormons from Independence MO in the 1830s.
  Father Capt. Richard "Dick" Simpson (1/9/1723-1785)
  Mother Mary Kincheloe (1719-1798)
Marriage 12/19/1787 Caswell Co. NC
Wife Henrietta Williams
  Birth 8/5/1770
  Death 4/20/1842 Buried at Woodlawn Cemetery, Independence MO
  Father John Williams (7/7/1740-12/1804)
  Mother Elizabeth Williamson (c.1744-4/15/1831)
  1 F Elizabeth Williams "Betsy" Hardin (10/17/1788-1/4/1854)
  2 M John Kincheloe Simpson (5/13/1790-)
  3 M Robert Williams Simpson (9/25/1791-5/13/1825)
  4 M Richard B. Simpson (3/31/1792-9/19/1819)
  5 M Duke Williamson Simpson (3/8/1795-11/6/1853) along with sister Susanna and niece Henrietta Harris, married Lipscomb siblings.
  6 M Benjamin Franklin "Frank" Simpson (11/10/1796-10/1/1851)
  7 F Mary Kincheloe Phelps (4/23/1798-11/16/1845)
  8 M Thomas Jefferson Simpson (7/11/1800-6/27/1803)
  9 M George Washington Simpson (5/31/1802-11/26/1839)
  10 F Henrietta Harris (2/2/1804-4/24/1881)
  11 F Julia Ann Hunter (2/14/1806-)
  12 M James Madison Simpson (10/12/1807-1863)
  13 F Susanna Davis Lipscomb (8/21/1812-6/18/1849) married Dabney Lipscomb

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