Simpson History



Husband James Halley
  Birth 6/14/1707 VA
  Death 7/6/1792 Fairfax Co. VA
  Note James was a prosperous planter of Virginia. He received a patent for 690 acres in 1742 and 90 acres were later added in Fairfax Parish, Va. signed by Lord Fairfax. The plantation was known as "Pleasant Green," located five miles east of Fairfax Court House, near Burks Station. It is believed he was descended from a near kinsman, probably a paternal uncle, of Sir Edmund Halley (1656-1741), the noted mathematician, and the astronomer who first accurately calculated the orbit of the comet that bears his name.
  Father Thomas Halley (1662-1750)
Wife Elizabeth Simpson
  Birth 11/18/1717 Stafford Co. VA
  Death 7/22/1785 Fairfax Co. VA
  Father Richard Simpson (c.1692-c.1762)
  Mother Sarah Barker (c.1696-before 8/10/1766)
  1 M William Halley (1733-1806)
  2 M James Halley Jr. (1737-1827)
  3 F Sarah Wilkerson Haynie (4/26/1739-11/13/1809)
  4 M John Halley (1740-1832)
  5 M Francis Halley (1741-1817) married Frances Ann Simpson
  6 F Mary Crump King (1748-1824)
  7 F Sybill Peake (c.1750-1823) married William Harrison Peake (-<2/1/1792)
  8 M Richard Halley (1750-1816) married Lydia Said
  9 F Susanna Said (1752-1831)
  10 M Henry Simpson Halley (5/18/1762-11/28/1838)
  11 F Daughter Halley - died young
  12 F Daughter Halley - died young

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