Simpson History



Husband Joseph Harrison Simpson
  Birth 11/5/1890
  Death 2/20/1922 Duluth, Gwinnett Co. GA
  Note Joe and his brother Orion were killed by Sheriff John Victor Dowis after searching their car for illegal whisky.  The Sheriff was later murdered by another brother, Alexander.
  Father William Penn Simpson (3/11/1851-8/13/1919)
  Mother Iva Nonnie Moon (1/15/1857-3/19/1918)
Marriage 5/14/1916 Gwinnett Co. GA
Wife Ella Jane Corley
  Birth 3/5/1891 Gwinnett Co. GA
  Death 6/1971 Lawrenceville, Gwinnett Co. GA
  Father Marion Dallas Corley (4/13/1852-1/10/1918)
  Mother Susan Isabella Martin (1/8/1857-3/16/1930)
  1 F Nonnie Sue Leatherwood (1917-1/7/2004)
  2 M Joseph Henry Simpson (7/10/1919-9/29/1979)
  3 M Thomas Frank Simpson (7/20/1921-6/9/1923)

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