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Lewis Capers Branscomb

Contributed by Margaret Cothran

Source: Papers of Minnie McGehee Branscomb


Widely Known Methodist Leader and Former President of State Anti-Saloon League

Contributed by Eugenia Hobday

The Dothan Eagle (Dothan, Alabama), Oct. 30, 1930:

JASPER, Ala. Oct. 30 -- (AP) -- Dr. L. C. Branscomb, 65, widely known Methodist leader and former president of the Alabama Anti-Saloon League, died at a hospital here early today of injuries received in an automobile accident September 15.

Dr. Branscomb's leg was broken and he received other injuries when the automobile in which he was riding was wrecked near Eldridge while he was en route there to preach at a revival conducted by his son, the Rev. B. H. Branscomb.

Following the accident, he improved steadily, physicians said, but during the past few days his condition rapidly grew worse.

Dr. Branscomb, who was presiding elder of the Bessemer District, Methodist Episcopal Church, South, was prominent in Southern Methodism. He was a native of Union Springs and had held pastorates in Bessemer, Decatur, Huntsville, Talladega, Anniston and Birmingham. He was editor of the Alabama Christian Advocate, state Methodist publication, from 1916 to 1922.

Dr. Branscomb was a member of the board of trustees of Woman's College at Montgomery, of the executive committee and board of trustees of Birmingham Southern ........???*

* Note: the continuation of this article was on a later page and is missing.

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Addendum to the Obituary

Contributed by Frank Chappell

The newspaper account is in error about L. C. Branscomb's son. He was enroute to Jasper, Ala. to assist his son Rev. Richard Edwin Branscomb. Richard Edwin Branscomb (1902-1980) was a son of L. C. Branscomb by his second wife (Minnie Vaughn McGehee Branscomb- 1877-1966). Richard Edwin Branscomb was a Methodist minister of the North Alabama Conference. He was also the brother of Dr. Louise Branscomb.

Contributed by Ben V. Branscomb
(Grandson of Lewis Capers Branscomb)

I can remember, as a little boy of 5, Dad and Mother's distress at learning of the death of Dad's father. We were in North Carolina. My memory from childhood has been that LC was walking along the highway and struck by a car (wrong?). Also I remember Dad saying that LC had been given a new drug - the first wonder drug for infection - (my memory is of a "sulfa drug") and that he died of an unanticipated drug reaction. There was a drug that just preceeded sulfaninimide and it frequently caused agranulocytosis.

Contributed by Margaret Cothran

My family memories are that the drug killed him. Aunt Louise was in med school at the time at Johns Hopkins and was keeping in touch by long distance.

She had a lingering sense of guilt that she had not come down to Alabama to check on things with his care. She had been reassured that he was "doing well" and "making progress". The wreck happened, he was put in the hospital for 6 weeks then the new wonder drug Ben mentions was administered. Aunt Louise told me a reaction to the drug killed him. It was a horrible shock for the family.

Son of Dr. Branscomb Dies Very Suddenly

Contributed by Eugenia Hobday

The Montgomery Advertiser - January 30, 1912

BIRMINGHAM, ALA., Jan. 29 -- Lewis Branscomb, the 18-year-old son of L. C. Branscomb, pastor of the First Methodist church, was found by his father in bed in an unconscious condition early this morning. The young man was removed to an infirmary and despite every attention he died at 10:10 o'clock.

The young man attended the Epworth* League services Monday evening at 7 o'clock but returned home before the regular services with the statement that he had a headache and did not feel like remaining. He retired shortly afterwards and mistaking that his condition as not immediately serious, no attention was paid to him during the night.

Monday morning when breakfast was called, the young man did not respond and his father went to his room and found him breathing heavily. Physicians were called. Kidney trouble is believed to have been the cause of death.

This is the latest of a series of misfortunes to befall the Branscomb home. Mrs. Branscomb is at a local infirmary now for an operation for appendicitis and her condition is said to be critical. Elizabeth, the 7-year-old daughter underwent two operations a few weeks ago for the same trouble and she has not fully recovered. Harold [this may be Harvie, who was actually 17 years old at the time], the 14-year-old son, broke his arm in a basketball game between the Y. M. C. A. and B. A. C. teams last week.

* The Epworth League was an organization of the young people of the Methodist Episcopal church, formed in 1889. The purpose of the league was the promotion of intelligent and vital piety among the young people of the church.

Addendum to the Obituary of Lewis M. Branscomb

Contributed by Margaret Cothran

My mom and grandmother told me that her brother Lewis had died when he was 16. He had played 2 sets of tennis the afternoon before.

Asking more about that, I was told he had been ill with scarlet fever the week before. They thought he had died from the extreme exertion following his bout with scarlet fever. I also had scarlet fever as a young child. Dad had a pediatrician friend at Henry Ford Hospital where he was on staff . He visited and played with us a lot. The thought was that he somehow had brought the germ on his clothes or skin to me. All of you who knew my dad knew how germ conscious he was. These stories tell why!

Contributed by Eugenia Hobday

Tribute to L.C. & Emily Hillman Branscomb,
The Anniston Star, January 22, 1931
Memorial Fund for Emily Hillman Branscomb at Woman's College
[now Huntingdon College, Montgomery, Ala.]


Emily Hillman Branscomb Memorial,
The Anniston Star, August 25, 1930


Contributed by Penny Leggett

Resolutions on the Death of Dr. Lewis Capers Branscomb


Contributed by Margaret Cothran

(Minnie McGehee Branscomb papers)


Nannie McAdory Obituary

Contributed by Eugenia Hobday

Birmingham, Alabama
Thursday, November 11, 1897

She Died Last Night at Huntsville - Formerly
Miss McAdory.

Special to the Age-Herald
   Huntsville, Nov. 10 --- Mrs. L. C. Bran- scomb, wife of the pastor of the First Methodist church, died tonight at 8:30 o'clock. She leaves two children.
   Mrs. Branscomb has been seriously ill for four weeks and was an invalid several months. Before her marriage she was Miss Nannie McAdory, daughter of a prominent business man at Bessemer.


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