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Richard Simpson

By Mrs. T.H. Bowles

The excerpt on the Simpson - Reid family of which Clarissa Harlow Reid Smith, wife of Colonel Maurice Smith, was a member was taken from "Miscellaneous History of Hot Spring County, Vol. III" (Malvern, Arkansas Library) pp. 88-90.

Richard Simpson, Sr. in 1727 was granted 300 acres of land on South Run of Pohick Creek in Halifax County, Virginia. He died between September 19, 1761, when his will was written, and December 1762, when it was probated. His widow, Sarah, was dead by August 1766. Their children were Moses, George, Elizabeth, Sarah, Richard, Jr., Mary and William (as named in his will).

Richard Simpson, Jr. died in 1789 and was survived by his widow, Mary, who was born in 1718 in Richmond County, Virginia, was the daughter of John Kincheloe, Sr. and Elizabeth Canterbury of Stafford (now Prince William County, Virginia. After John's death in 1746, his widow, Elizabeth, married Edward Emms.

Elizabeth Canterbury Kincheloe was the daughter of John Canterbury, who died in 1716, and Ruth Williams, who was born in Rappahannock County, Virginia. Ruth was the daughter of Roger Williams and Joane "Jen" Frith. Jen married first Roger Williams and they resided in Northumberland County, Virginia before 1665. After his death she married second, Samuel Wills, and third, Lewis Lloyd. Jen was the daughter of Nathaniel Frith, who died in 1676.

John Kincheloe, Sr. was the son of Cornelius of Richmond County, Virginia. John's children were: Cornelius, Daniel, Elizabeth, Mary, John, Jr., Wileman (a daughter who married John Hoskins), Margaret and Sarah.

Mary Kincheloe married Richard Simpson, Jr. and they were living in Essex County, Virginia February 8, 1767 when their daughter, Keziah, was born. In 1857, Keziah Simpson Reid told the following to her granddaughter, Annie Maurice Smith, an 18 year old girl:

"When Daniel Boone was enlisting settlers to move to Kentucky, Richard Simpson, III, Keziah's older brother, decided the future would be more profitable if he moved his family to Kentucky. Their sister Sallie had married Nathaniel Hart in 1760 and the Harts had lived at their country seat "The Red House" in Caswell County, North Carolina from 1760 until their removal to Kentucky in 1779.  Nathaniel Hart and William Henderson bought Kentucky from the Cherokee Indians in 1775. Captain Nathaniel Hart was killed by Indians in sight of Fort Boonsboro on August 19, 1782. Children of Sallie Simpson and Nathaniel Hart were: Susanna, 1761-1833, who married Isaac Shelby, first governor of Kentucky;  Mary Ann; Keziah; Chinoe; Nathaniel, who married Susanna Preston; John; Simpson; Cumberland and Richard Green."

Keziah Simpson went with her brother and his family to Kentucky and in 1873 married William Buchanon, who was killed by Indians soon after their marriage. Keziah's siblings were: Sallie Simpson, who married Nathaniel Hart; Bettie Simpson, who married Jesse Oldham; Richard Simpson, III, who married Henrietta Williams; Lydia Simpson, who married Richard Tate; Eda Simpson, who married William Nunn; Nancy Simpson, who married Waddy Tate; Frankie Simpson,

who married Jerry Poston; and Mary Ann (Mollie) Simpson, who married Tyree Harris as his second wife. Tyree Harris was born April 8, 1728, son of Major Robert Harris and Mourning Glenn. Tyree married first, Elizabeth Chapman. He was born in Albemarle County, Virginia, but moved to Caswell County, North Carolina.  He and Mary Ann had a daughter, Lydia Harris, who married Robert Brown.  They were parents of Tyre (called Tary) Harris Brown, who settled in Tulip, Arkansas. Tyre H. Brown married Martha Bethel, daughter of John Pinkney Bethel and wife, Sarah Smith (died 1858) natives of North Carolina, but resided in Shelby County, Tennessee many years. Tulip was called Brownsville for Tyre Brown.

John Reid, a Major in the Revolutionary War, was born April 16, 1748 and resided on the Holstein River in Washington County, Virginia. He was appointed ensign in the Third Regiment commanded by Lt.Col. John Montgomery. He immediately raised his quota of men, joined the Regiment at Long Island on the Holstein, and served there from January 9, 1779, to January, 1781, during which time he acted as Adjutant and then as Quartermaster. He also carried Expresses from Col. Evan Shelby, Arthur Campbell and David Smith. He was under Col. Campbell in the battle of King's Mountain and served as quartermaster with Col. William Campbell in the battle of Guilford. (This information given on John Reid's widow's application for a pension. File No. 26946)

John Reid had known Keziah Simpson before her marriage to William Buchanon, and he and Mrs. Keziah Simpson Buchanan were married on March 22, 1784 at Boonesborough, Kentucky. They moved to Caswell County, North Carolina where six children were born to them:

1.   Nathaniel Reid, born October 5, 1794.

2.   John B. Reid, born September 16, 1796, died 1816.

3.   Buchanon Reid, born May 15, 1799, died 1847 in Fayette County, Tennessee. One of his children John Reid, went to Tulip, Arkansas in the 1850's.

4.   Thomas Jefferson Reid, born September 5, 1801.

5.   Amelia Reid, born September 15, 1803, died in infancy.

6.   Clarissa Harlow Reid, born April 11, 1806.

John Reid died June 23, 1826 in Caswell County, North Carolina and Keziah personally managed her estate for many years after his death. During her latter days she drew a Revolutionary War pension for his service. "King's Mountain Men" by White, page 213, says "John Reed enlisted in Washington County, Virginia, served as an express; was at King's Mountain and Guilford and died in 1826. His widow Keziah was allowed a pension. She lived at Tulip, Texas, age 82. Her only surviving child was Mrs. Charles H. Smith."

Clarissa Harlowe Reid, born April 11, 1806, Caswell Co., N.C., married Maurice Smith April 28, 1830 as his second wife. Maurice Smith was born June 10, 1801, son of Samuel Smith and Elizabeth Harrison, married first Mrs. Martha (Williams) Hays and had two children, Cornelia and Samuel. His children by Clarissa were: Elizabeth K.; Annie Maurice; Lockie Lenore; Olin Derbin; Ashbury Warren; John Reid and Mary K. Smith. Records of this Smith family are given in "Webb Smith Kin of Dixie," a book at the Arkansas History Commission in Little Rock.

When Maurice Smith moved his family from Tennessee to Dallas County, Arkansas in 1844, he brought Keziah Reid with him. They came in ox-drawn "Carry All" wagons. She died at Tulip in 1858 at age 92. The family Bible says she died Aug. 9, 1858, but her tombstone gives her death as June 26, 1858. Maurice Smith died May 14, 1871, and his wife, Clarissa, died September 29, 1874. All are buried in Tulip Cemetery.

ARKANSAS GAZETTE, September 11, 1858:  - Died. On the 9th Aug., at the residence of her son-in-law, Col. Maurice Smith, Tulip, Dallas county, Ark., after a lingering illness of many months, MRS. KEZIAH REID, in the 91st year of her age. She was born in Caswell county, North Carolina, whither her parents, Col. Richard and Mary Simpson, emigrated from Virginia at the early settling of that country.  At the age of fifteen she emigrated to Kentucky, with her brother-in-law, Col. Nat. Hart and his family. They witnessed many of the difficulties of the pioneers in that region - often she spoke of their conflicting scenes with the savage Indians - of tent and fort life with Col. Boone, etc. A short time after her removal to Kentucky, she was married to Mr. Wm. B. Buchanan, who was killed soon after.... [She was left] a young widow in the western wilderness [and] she preferred to return to her native place in Carolina, where some time after she was married to Major John Reid, an officer in the Revolutionary war. The writer has often heard her speak most familiarly of those 'scenes and times that tried men's souls.'  Her husband was a sharer in the battle of King's Mountain, Guilford Court House and other important conflicts, side by side with Cleveland, Shelby and Campbell...."  The obituary mentions her move to Tennessee in 1841 and later, to Dallas County, Arkansas, "following her beloved children in their westward migration. In 1832 she united herself with the Methodist Episcopal Church and evinced her faith by a Godly walk and conversation.... For the last five years she was too feeble to attend the sanctuary; but she sought and found frequent opportunities by converse with ministers...."  Tulip, Ark., Aug. 27th 1858.

Clarissa H. (Reid) Smith wrote a "Record of my Father's Family";

Major John Reid was born April 16th 1748, died June 26th 1826;

Keziah Reid was born February 8th 1767, died August 9th 1858;

Nathaniel Reid was born October 5th 1794, died in infancy;

John B. Reid was born September 16th 1796, died May 5th 1816;

Wm. B. Reid was born May 15th 1798, died January 1847;

Thomas J. Reid was born September 5th 1801;

Amelia Reid was born September 15th 1803, died in infancy;

Clarissa H. Reid was born April 11th 1806.


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