Simpson History



Husband George Washington Yoakum
  Birth 5/17/1842 Ray Co. MO
  Death 1926 Merced Co. CA, buried in Merced Cemetery, Merced Co. CA
  Note George travelled to California in 1852 at 10 years of age with his parents and 10 brother and sisters. This trip was made by ox team and was a gruelling 8 month ordeal.
Marriage 10/26/1863 in Alamo, Contra Costa Co. CA
Wife Rebecca Ann Johnston
  Birth 2/6/1845 Greene Co. MO
  Death 4/22/1936 Merced Co. CA, buried in Merced Cemetery, Merced Co. CA
  Note Rebecca Ann's mother, Eleanor, was the first woman to take a stagecoach to California in 1960. Eleanor took Rebecca Ann, 15 years old at the time, and 3 young sons; Finis, John and William. Rebecca Ann recounted her fascinating and harrowing story for a newspaper article, which you can read in the Notes pages.
  Father Rev. Thomas McConnell Johnston (7/8/1811-7/22/1877)
  Mother Eleanor "Ellen" Steele (5/11/1817-9/24/1899)
  1 F Emma Cribb (1865-1949)
  2 F Ann Jeanette Mack (6/1867-4/9/1938)
  3 F Mary Corrine French (3/22/1869-1/10/1948)
  4 M George F. Yoakum (9/15/1871-2/5/1949) born in Contra Costa Co. CA, died in Merced and buried in Merced Cemetery, Merced, Merced Co. CA
  5 M Thomas Alva Yoakum (12/30/1873-11/18/1952)
  6 F Nellie Cleveland Routt (4/1884-)

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