Simpson History



Husband Henry Simpson Halley
  Birth 5/18/1762 Fairfax Co. VA
  Death 11/28/1838 Fairfax Co. VA
  Father James Halley (6/14/1707-7/6/1792)
  Mother Elizabeth Simpson (11/18/1717-7/22/1785)
Marriage 6/8/1786 Fairfax Co. VA
Wife Elizabeth Hampton
  Birth 9/21/1762
  Death 9/24/1824
  Father John Hampton
  Mother Margaret Pierce
  1 M John Hampton Halley (1/5/1788-4/2/1844) married Catherine Coffer, who died soon afterward without children
  2 M Henry Simpson Halley Jr. (10/2/1789-1872) married Elizabeth Reid
  3 F Mary Montjoy Reid (3/25/1791-1826) married John Reid (c.1786-5/1860)
  4 M James Madison Halley (11/25/1792-1861) married Elizabeth W. Simpson, daughter of Edward Simpson of Fairfax VA
  5 F Catherine Templeton "Kitty" Payne (7/29/1794-1859) married Edmond Payne, son of Col. William Payne, in Sept. 1816
  6 F Frances "Fanna" DeBell Wilcoxen (6/16/1796-1861) married Capt. John DeBell (-c.1850) in 1815, then in 1855/6 married Reason Wilcoxen (c.1776-c.1861)
  7 M Samuel Halley (4/29/1798-1872) married Marion Elkin (c.1800-)
  8 F Elizabeth Burke (1800-1850) married Newman Burke c.1840, no children
  9 M Thomas Jefferson Halley (5/13/1802-10/17/1826)
  10 F Margaret Pierce Elkin (5/15/1804-1852) married Allen N. Elkin (Allen and Marion were siblings)

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