Simpson History



Husband James Johnston
  Birth c.1780 NC
  Death 12/26/1826 Logan Co. KY
  Note Fought in War of 1812 in Battle of New Orleans under General Andrew Jackson and named his son Andrew Jackson Johnston.
  Father David Johnston (1745-2/18/1829)
  Mother Elizabeth Holderness? (1747-5/16/1827)
Marriage c.1802 in Robertson Co. TN
Wife Mary McConnell
  Birth 1780 PA
  Death 1845to49 in MO
  Father Thomas McConnell (c.1759-1800)
  Mother Elizabeth McCutcheon (c.1760-)
  1 F Elizabeth Holley (10/2/1804-11/16/1863)
  2 M Rev. Thomas McConnell Johnston (7/8/1811-7/22/1877)
  3 M Andrew Jackson Johnston (c.1813-between c.1847-49)
  4 F Jane West (3/6/1816-4/28/1870)
  5 F Mary Ann Ash (9/28/1819-12/23/1881)
  6 F Sarah Johnston (1820to23-) Sarah died as a child
  7 M Rev. David McConnell Johnston (1/8/1825-6/9/1863)

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